"As a first class leader in the Railcar Leasing Industry, Midwest Railcar is committed to exceed the expectations of our customers through quality, performance and integrity with a relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction."

Midwest Railcar Presents 2013 Awards for Excellence


Midwest Railcar Corporation held their 2013 annual Holiday dinner in late November. At the event, AVP Fleet Operation Joe Barbieri, was awarded the 2013 Presidential Award for Excellence. Joe has been .... >More<


  • Short or long term lease of railcars whereby Midwest Railcar Corporation will handle all aspects of the railcars including maintenance of the railcars, filing and payments of ad-valorem taxes and property insurance.


  • Short or long term lease of railcars whereby the Lessee is responsible for handling the maintenance, ad-valorem and property insurance relating to the railcars.


  • A form of full service lease whereby Midwest Railcar Corporation will lease railcars to a Class I, II or III railroad and such railroad would not be responsible for paying any rent relating to the railcars nor be responsible for the maintenance but rather Midwest Railcar Corporation would collect all car-hire hourly and mileage rentals that such railcars would earn while off-line.This type of lease allows the railroad to lease railcars without any rent expense associated with the railcars while receiving freight revenues from loading the railcars.


  • Midwest Railcar Corporation will work with you and your company to establish a solution to purchase your railcars and lease them back to you, on either a Full Service Lease or a Net Lease.

  • Midwest Railcar Corporation will also purchase your railcars if they have become surplus or obsolete to your needs.Alternatively, if you have surplus or obsolete railcars but are restricted from selling them, Midwest Railcar Corporation can add value to your company by remarketing your railcars to another end user on a sublease basis which will help you to minimize your costs on a surplus and or obsolete fleet of railcars.


  • Maintenance: To ensure that each car meets the specifications of each customer requirement, Midwest Railcar will inspect each railcar as well as put each railcar through a shop program to be cleaned and repaired if necessary prior to the railcar entering your service.Consistent with the themes of quality and integrity as detailed in our Mission Statement, Midwest Railcar Corporation believes that attention to quality in this manner will add value to you by consistently maximizing your railcar fleet utilization while consistently minimizing your out of service time which will help you to maximize your sales and in turn lower your railcar fleet cost.

  • Management & Administrative Services provided to Railcar Fleet Owners or Railcar Users

  • AAR registration and submissions
  • State property tax management, including the filing of annual reports
  • Mileage Accounting
  • AAR repair auditing and accounting
  • Manage and Audit 3rd party maintenance
  • Rail car inspections
  • Fleet tracing
  • Railcar Remarketing
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